Tuesday February 19, 2019
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The Founder

President, IGC International Group Co. (1994 – Present)
International Group Co. has main office in USA and regional offices in Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Liberia and Nigeria.

  • Manage business operations in Middle East region.
  • Manage business activities and negotiation of projects in middle east region
  • Business Planning and expansion.

Director of International Engineering sales Tomkins Industries, Dayton Ohio,USA. (1990- 1994)
Corporate Headquarter, Holding company of 29 manufacturing division in USA and UK. Employ 15,000.00 employees with shares exchanged in New York and London Stock Exchange.

  • Manage all variables related to export and decide business mechanism.
  • Negotiate and coordinate financial variables with banks and financial controllers.
  • Annual budget and presentation to upper corporate management and CEO’s.
  • Coordinate with factory managers to produce equipment to meet international standards including ISO, UL, NFPA, and others.
  • Travel to international markets to nominate and appoint representative and licensees for various industries.
  • Arrange and appoint International licensees to assemble or produce products under Tomkins divisions’ brands. Also, locate international manufacturing companies to source its equipment parts from Tomkins companies in USA.

Export manager, Philips industries, Corporate Headquarter Dayton Ohio, USA. (1987 – 1990)

  • Responsible for export of mechanical and fluid systems manufactured by 15 manufacturing division owned by Philips.
  • Coordinate engineering and manufacturing plans to produce products to meet international markets and codes.
  • Manage plan of international sales budgets and present to upper management on annual basis.
  • Coordinate with factory managers to maximize production efficiency.
  • Manage OEM programs with International Manufacturers.

Electrical Engineer: ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia. (1984- 1986)

  • Worked on Aramco project in oil fields in Texas, USA and Saudi Arabia.
  • Responsible for electrical design of power systems.
  • Corrosion control of all metallic structures including oil pipes systems, refineries and offshore platforms.
  • Studied the effect of transmission power lines electromagnetic field on the corrosion of underground metallic structures.
  • Electric control design.
  • Grounding system design for substation, transmission and distribution lines.
  • Electric Arc protection systems design for switch gears and high power contractors.
  • Special electrical studies for the desert environment and the behavior of equipment.

Electrical Engineer, Harco Corp. Medina, OH. USA. (1983- 1984)

  • Worked on projects for EXXON oil in Texas, U.S Steel in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.
  • Work involved power systems design and electrical surveying on Nuclear Power station in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
  • Surveyed natural gas distribution companies in various USA states.


  • Worked in Saudi Arabia and Yemen for A.B.M.E (British firm; Aramco Contractor)
  • Awarded a degree from private institute in California after an independent study about the behavior of CO2, semi-conductors, chemical lasers to be used in military applications, range finders and designators; also which laser can be used in rough environment. Also, application of laser industry.
  • Comprehensive plan to qualify mechanical systems to UL and ISO Standards.


  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1982
    University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
    Focus on Electro-Mechanical Systems.
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology, 1981
    University of Toledo, Toledo, OH
    Focus on Industrial production and manufacturing.
  • MBA -Ohio State University, 1983.


  • Extensive programs in human resources to select quality engineers and managers.
  • Extensive programs in manufacturing process and efficiency at major USA companies in Dallas and Kansas City.
  • Legal training on international Contracts.


  1. Writer of articles in various Ohio newspapers.
  2. Founding committee member of DAAF, Dayton Arab American Forum, Dayton, Ohio.
  3. President of University Students Organization.
  4. Comprehensive Technical and Economic rectification plan presented to the Lebanese Government for Electric Power Stations (Electricity of Lebanon).
  5. Founder of Group of Companies in Middle East Region and Africa to include Engineering Design, Fluid products, stock and Business Management.