Thursday December 13, 2018
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Air Distribution


Blast Dampers

Advanced and cost effective explosion protective dampers designed for military shelters, industrial infrastructure and collective protection applications.

Cable Operated Control Dampers

Rectangular and round cable operated control dampers designed to remotely control a manual balancing damper. A number of controller mounting options that adapt to virtually every conceivable ceiling or wall is also available.

Control & Back Draft Dampers

Control and backdraft dampers for light operations and heavy-duty industrial applications built as per AMCA standards with a variety of materials, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum and fiberglass to match your exact specifications.

Fire, Smoke & Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers

A complete line of UL classified dampers to meet the diversity of fire protection requirements. Fire and smoke dampers are available in a range of classifications and with a variety of standard features and options.

FRP Dampers

High performance, heavy duty control dampers constructed from fiberglass for industrial ventilation applications in locations such as NASA, naval vessels, wastewater treatment facilities, and microchip production facilities, etc.

Industrial Dampers

Innovative, durable, high performance control dampers designed to withstand the toughest environments to meet a variety of industrial applications.

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