Thursday December 13, 2018
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Air Distribution

Terminal units

Bypass & Balancing VAV Boxes

A variety of bypass and pressure control terminals for any system application

Fan Powered VAV Boxes

The broadest line of fan powered terminals available today including the series flow for quiet applications and the parallel flow for standard plenum height designs. Fan powered terminals are also available in a wide range of air flows providing the most flexibility for the system designer.

Retrofit Units

VAV retrofit terminals designed to easily convert old constant volume systems to more energy efficient VAV systems.

Single/ Dual Duct

Single duct terminals are the fundamental building blocks for a VAV system. Dual duct terminals are the ideal unit to deliver hot and cold air into a zone. A wide selection of unit configurations, accessories and control types tested in accordance with ARI Standards.

VAV Diffusers

The VAV diffusers bring both intelligence and flexibility to the VAV market combining the function of a VAV terminal and a high performance diffuser in one.

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