Tuesday February 19, 2019
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IGC Manufacturing

IGC Manufacturing is a recognized world leader in engineering and manufacturing products for commercial, institutional, industrial systems.

IGC Manufacturing headquartered in USA manages a sophisticated, global network of independent distributors, sales agents, assembly programs, technology agreements and offshore manufacturing for each product division. All locations are staffed with expert engineers and sales professionals who understand the unique requirements of each market.

Our products are on the cutting edge of technology. Research and development is a way of life. We are constantly looking for ways to improve current products and introducing new products to satisfy our ever-changing business environment.

Quality is built into all of our products. Statistical process control systems incorporate state-of-the-art computerized data gathering technology to assure performance and measure dimensional accuracy of each component. The finished product, in many instances, exceeds accepted standards, local codes or customer specifications.

The combination of an established global network, state-of-the-art products,constant research and development, and built-in quality has placed us ahead of our competition.